Founder Story

CLAUDINE MIGISHA Nguvu Ya Africa organization ‘s (Chief Executive Officer and Founder)

Claudine Migisha comes from the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her journey began when she became an orphan at the age of 6 years old.  

While growing up Claudine
suffered hunger and sleepless nights because of civil wars and conflict in her village in the
Eastern Part of Congo known as Rutshuru in North Kivu province. She holds a bachelor’s degree
in Psychology from Africa University (AU), a Master Card Foundation Alumni from 2019, A
Watson Accelerator program Alumni 2020 and Golden Girls Global Leadre. She is also a
CIYOTA Alumni and volunteer and a Women Deliver Conference 2019 delegate. Her passion is
to see women and girls empowered, and community development. Claudine believes that women
and girls in her community possess not only the power to deliver children, but also the power to
deliver sustainable peace and development in her country.
Since 2005 Claudine has been working with youth in her community to connect with other
peacemakers around the globe. In 2015 at her arrival at AU, Claudine founded a giving back
initiative that worked to support the refugee community in the Tongogara refugee camp in
Zimbabwe. This initiative has created a doorway for 

young researchers interested in refugee
cases, and a great impact on refugees.

Claudine previously worked at Nduna Girls as Assistant
and program administrator and at Think Africa as The Art Department Manager and Assistant
Program Intern. Claudine started Nguvu Ya Africa (Power of Africa) on 25 th August 2019 as the
solution to the toughest political and economic crisis facing marginalized girls and women in the
Eastern part of the DRC. She is currently the Managing Executive Director and founder at
NguvuYa Africa.


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