Promoting the girls and women’s well-being and their socio-economic empowerment for a more equal, healthy and peaceful Congo.


We are committed to peace and sustainability by creatively breaking the cycle of trauma and economic crisis facing the marginalized girls and women living in Congo through Arts and Social Enterprise.



Our team strives to influence the well-being of the girls and women in their communities. Trough activities that promotes their health, happiness, and prosperity.


We value the power that everyone has the God given gifts to contribute change in our dear Country, We welcome and include every tribe and nationality in our decision making and treat each other fairly and equally.


We value creativity and the power of the diverse skills that our staff brings as the bounding force to take the work to the next level. To us courage and team work is the magic force toward success.


We value a workplace where teamwork, humility and job performance is everyone’s responsibility to achieving quality business results.