We Identify potential but marginalised girls and put them in groups that goes though competitions of presentation of small ideas of for- profit businesses. Then small grants from Nguvu Ya Africa are given to the emerging young girls and women working in group on a specific business and who are ready to create change in their communities and who wins during the competitions. 

The grants are payed back to Nguvu Ya Africa to be given to another new group for the next phase after the first groups have been able to multiply the start-up grant they received and are able to continue running their business at the next level. The purpose is to encourage the spirt of community collaboration and unity while boosting the girls and women’s social economic lives and their entire families. We also provide a platform for these girls and women to celebrate each other’s achievements at the completion of a one-year period of training and supervision by Nguvu Ya Africa. We take this opportunity to support financially the initiative of the best performed groups to celebrate their progress and contribution as Nguvu Ya Africa’s women and girls to the improvement of their lives and their communities.